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CNC Horizontal Lathe factory

CNC lathe turning machine
Fu Sheng Jin CNC lathe turning machine spindle adopts manual control and mechatronics design. Beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, wide use, easy to operate. CNC lathe turning machine can realize automatic control. CNC lathe turning machine can process variety of internal and external parts of the circle, face, grooving, any conical, spherical and male, inch thread, tapered thread and other parts. Suitable for mass production.
CNC system can configure standard RS232 interface, so machine tool can enter DNC system.
CNC lathe turning machine adopts ultrasonic quenching technology, strong wear resistance and high precision.
The spindle system has advanced structure, stable speed and high cutting performance. Vertical and horizontal ball screw drive. Good dynamic response and low noise.
CNC lathe turning machine is suitable for the practical training of the college of mechanical and secondary specialized schools, and can carry out various programming operation training and practical training for students.
The following is the JW20-30 D series CNC lathe turning machine Specification
Product  Name :CNC Lathe Machine
Product  Item :JW-20DJW-30D
Machine  Data
Barrel-type Chuck20 mm30 mm
Max. Swing over Bed :Ø 240 mmØ 240 mm
Swing over Cross Slide :Ø 120 mmØ 120 mm
Max. Turning Diameter:Ø 100 mmØ 100 mm
Max. Turning Length:100 mm100 mm
Max Spindle Speed :4000/5000 RPM4000/5000 RPM
Spindle Bore :Ø 20 mmØ 30 mm
number of spindle speed rangesPromisePromise
Spring collet shank26 mm36 mm
Rapid Speed of X-Axis :18 M /min18 M /min
Rapid Speed of Z-Axis :18 M /min18 M /min
Travel of X-Axis :250 mm250 mm
Travel of Z-Axis :180 mm180 mm
Drive  Capacity
Main Motor :3KW(3.7 servo)3KW(3.7 servo)
Feed motor1.2KW1.2KW
Power Capacity6KW6KW
Lathe size:1300 X 1300 X 1600 mm1300 X 1300 X 1600 mm
Gross Weight :1000KGS1000KGS
● CNC lathe turning machine thread workpiece programming
Instruction format: G32 X(U)____ Z(W)
The X(U) and Z(W) in the instruction are the end coordinates of the thread, and F is the thread guide.
The parameters that need to be determined before using the G32 instruction are shown in figure a, and the parameters are as follows:
L: thread guide. When machining the taper thread, it takes the X direction and the direction of the direction in the Z direction.
Alpha: taper thread taper Angle, if the alpha is zero, it is straight thread;
Delta 1, delta 2: for cutting and resection.
In general, 1=2~5mm, 2= (1/4~1/2).
Thread machining example: as shown in the figure, pitch L=3.5mm, thread height =2mm, spindle speed N=514r/min, 1 =2mm, 2= LMM, two times of turning, each turning depth of LMM.
The processing procedure is:
N0 G50 X50.0 Z70.0- set the origin of the workpiece at the left end face.
N2 S514 T0202 M08 M03- specifies the spindle speed of 514r/min and the threading tool.
N4 G00 Xl2.0 Z72.0- fast to threading start point (12.0, 72.0)
N6 G32 X41.0 Z29.0 F3.5-- thread turning.
N8 G00 X50.0--- fast return along the X axis.
N10 Z72.0-- quick return along the Z axis.
N12 X10.0- fast to the start point of the second thread.
N14 G32 X39.0 Z29.0- second thread turning.
N16 G00 X50.0--- fast return along the X axis.
N18 G30 U0 W0 M09- return reference point.
N20 M30- program ends.
● The advantage of automatic blowing device of CNC lathe turning machine
The first step is to improve the efficiency of production. If there are no automatic cuttings, the machine will have to stop the machine to clean the machine after it has more iron.
The second is to reduce the labor intensity of the workers. If there is no automatic chip removal machine, the workers must get into the machine tool and shovel the scrap iron out.
The chip removal function constantly put inside the machine clean, parts inside the machine is a kind of protection, because the iron accumulation in the machine tool, after much may enter some gaps, a damage to some parts of the machine tool, such as armor.
● Distinguish the tool holder after the CNC lathe turning machine.
The X-axis is in the direction of the person and the front tool holder. It is usually a flat lathe.
The x axis is moving away from the person in the back tool holder. It is generally slant lathe.
● Recommended software programming for CNC lathe turning machine
The Mastercam programming software includes CNC lathe processing, machining center and line cutting, etc.
It can be programmed and easy to learn. Books can be bought. If you don't make a macro program you can use the ellipsoid, the curve, and it's easy to use it.
● The CNC lathe turning machine can't start the cycle. What is the mode of display?
The computer is in trouble. Reload the system and recreate the MGR boot file to repair. The solution is to use a usb drive to enter the Windows PE mini system. Then choose to rebuild the MGR boot file when installed. It will be normal after reloading.
● What is the purpose of the CNC lathe turning machine test?
Verify that the procedure is correct, verify that your tool and machining parameters are reasonable, and prevent the occurrence of scrap or collision.
● What is the method to solve the main shaft noise of CNC lathe turning machine?
In a lot of CNC lathe turning machine, the spindle speed of system still uses a number of transmission shaft, gear and bearing, so in the work inevitably produces vibration noise, friction and impact noise.
And speed of CNC lathe turning machine main drive system is in machine did not stop working state, controlled by computer, so it's more continuous than ordinary machine tools produced by the noise, more representative.
The mechanical system is subjected to any external excitation force, and the system will vibrate due to the response of the excitation force.
This vibrational energy is propagated throughout the system, and when it reaches the surface of the radiation, the energy is converted into a pressure wave, which is then transmitted through the air, the sound radiation.
Therefore, the three steps of excitation response, system internal transmission and acoustic radiation are the process of vibration noise, friction noise and impact noise.
(1) the main transmission system of CNC lathe turning machine is mainly driven by gears, so the meshing transmission of gears is one of the main noise sources.
(2) the assembly, pre-tightening force, concentricity, lubrication conditions of bearing and bearing holes, and the load on bearing, radial clearance and so on, have great influence on noise.
And the manufacturing deviation of the bearing itself determines the noise of the bearing to a large extent.CNC Horizontal Lathe factory

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